Guidelines For Sick Leaves

  1. If student cannot go to school due to illness or personal cause, parents are requested to call back to school in the morning to ask for leave.
  2. For students who take school bus, their parents should inform the school bus driver not to take the bus that day.
  3. If you need to collect the homework for the day of leave, you must notify the school when you call back to school to ask for leave. Parents can come to school and take the student’s homework after the noticfication for one hour.
  1. If students get cold, cough, fever or other infectious diseases, they should stay at home to rest and return to school after recovered.
  2. If students need to take medicine during school hours, medicine must have registered western medicine prescription and the medicine must be valid within ten days. Parents can visit the school or call back to school, and register the amount, frequency and time of the medicine with the teachers. Medicine that have been prescribed by non-registered Western medicine practitioners or have expired are not allowed to be brought back to school.
  3. If the teacher finds that a student is sick or unwell during school hours, school will immediately notify parents to pick up student from school, and advise student to seek medical advice and return home for treatment as soon as possible.

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