Supports for Students

Given the keen demand of the support services of Kindergarten students and their parents. We have established school-based social worker provision services since 2007.

i) Personal growth education activities

ii) Activities for student growth and talent cultivation.

iii) Parents group

iv) Parent-child activities

v) Parent Education Workshop

We have joined  the On-site Pre-school Rehabilitations services as organized by Hong Kong Lutheran Social Service for students  with special needs. It aims to develop their potentials and improve their learning and life skills.

. For children: speech therapy training, occupational therapy training, physical therapy training, cognitive training, self-care ability training and emotional management training.

2. Parents: To assist parents/caregivers to nurture children’s growth with a positive attitude and effective skills.

3. Teachers: Provide professional advice for our teachers, enabling them to assist and provide the best-needed service for students.

We take care of the needs of Non-Chinese Speaking students :

1.To provide parents of non-Chinese speaking students with Chinese and English versions of application forms and related materials.

2. Interpretation or translation services are available for interviews and meetings if needed.

3.Provide interpretation services for K1 admission briefings.

We strongly recommend parents can come with a family member who are fluent in Cantonese for admission interviews and meetings.

We cater for the needs of Non-Chinese speaking children :

1.Take care of the religious needs and food culture of non-Chinese speaking children and make corresponding adjustments.

2.Multicultural exchange activities are held in the classroom to let children learn about the cultures of different countries.

For the support of Non-Chinese Speaking students and their family, if there are any enquires, please feel free to contact us by phone 2340 2839 or email [email protected] .